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This started out as a Bulletin Board Service, to give students the opportunity to discuss concerns but evolved into something else!! The study buddy section is a list of people that are looking for other to study with in the same town, city or state!! Some study over the phone, or just E-mail back and forth during the week!! Hint: Most people that pass this exam the first time form study groups that meet on a regular basis...

"Divulging information related to the examination not only violates the contractual obligation, but also likely violates the practice act in many jurisdictions, subjecting individuals to disciplinary action."

This site is a free service provided by Licensure Exams, Inc. to give students a place to post and connect with others studying for comps or exams. Dated postings and responses to the posting may be removed from time to time.

Please remember that this is a public forum. Postings should not violate the privacy of any person, business, exam materials or other entity and should not contain any unsolicited or inappropriate advertising or promotional materials. The opinions expressed on this study budy bulletin board are those of individual users and not necessarily those of Licensure Exams, Inc. Therefore, Licensure Exams, Inc. is not liable for ideas and opinions expressed.

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