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...the night before

Any exam can be a very stressful experience. Although you may be a very competent Guidance and Counseling professional, a testing experience is different. The surroundings are unfamiliar. The format is inflexible, and the proctors will not express any emotion or give you hints if you ask them a question about the exam. In addition you may have waited a long time for this day, paid thousands of dollars for your degree, taken off time from work and, worst of all, will have to do this again if you don't pass. You may be nervous; plan for it by provide a relaxing setting for yourself.

1. Ask your spouse or significant other to come along. Who would you rather talk to the night before the examination- someone who is as stressed out as you, or someone with whom you enjoy sharing your life?

2. As soon as you learn your examination date, make a reservation to stay in a hotel close to the exam site. You don't want the additional stress of being caught in traffic in a strange town and trying to get to a site you have never been to before.

3. When you get to the town where the exam will be given, find the site. Just don't content to know it is at a University. FIND THE BUILDING WHERE THE EXAM WILL BE GIVEN. Go inside the building if it is open to get a feel of what you will be experiencing the next morning.

4. Eat a light dinner early in the evening. Use the hours before bed to relax quietly.

5. Get plenty of sleep, but don't worry if you can't sleep. You will be more than awake during the 4 hour period you are taking the exam.

6. Have an alarm of your own and request a wake-up call. Hey, it could happen!! Rememer the Seinfield eposode with the runner?

7. Order room service for the following morning. The breakfast shops will be jammed and besides, you desire the best!!

8. Have a clear plastic pouch with two forms of identification with picture ID, your exam letter and any other documetation the is required by the exam ready to go and always within your sight.

9. Arrive around 30 minutes before the exam.

10. That's it!! Do your best, follow the test tips and after the exam relax and enjoy. E-mail me and let me know how you did - I'll be waiting with the lights on!!

It's in there!!